Noise and vibration solution


"The increasing mobility of modern society results in an ever higher level of noise (acoustic) and vibrations (structure borne). This problem is particularly acute in city areas and in heavily urbanized metropolitan areas. This is because the traffic infrastructure and residential property are often immediately adjacent. Traffic generated noise and vibration is a detrimental aspect for the quality of life of the residents in the vicinity and confronts traffic planners as well as public transport companies with new challenges.

Patil Group along with its partners specializes in the reduction of structure borne vibrations and secondary airborne noise using a custom designed Mass-Spring System.

With this mass-spring system, we have adopted a solution which provides state-of-the art vibration reduction via isolation of the tracks i.e. isolation at source. Transmission of structure-borne noise to the surroundings is hindered at the source, thus enabling emissions to be kept to a minimum. This approach has the additional advantage of effectively reducing the development of audible secondary airborne noise, which is caused by the vibration of buildings and other infrastructure components.

Patil Group is one of the first companies in India to have applied such a solution and has so far executed these solutions at Elevated sections of Mumbai Metro."